Our products are designed to maximize whole-body health, from body composition to performance to immunological response. Our mission is to enhance quality of life.

Your Key to Better Health

At Purova Health & Science, we want to help people be the best they can be. With an abundance of science and clinical research behind it, Purova is proven to help maintain gastrointestinal and digestive health more effectively, providing a broader foundation of whole-body benefits including better nutritional absorption, increased muscle performance, reduced fat, and maximized immune response.

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Clinically Proven

Clinical trials have shown that a naturally produced protein within an amino acid chain is effective in improving gut health and increasing nutritional absorption, illustrating the restorative immune characteristics of Purova.  In one of the largest microbiota studies on human subjects, researchers were able to publish a clear link between a healthy gut and a healthy body.

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Purova is supported by over 20 years of University development and research, powering animal agriculture and human neutraceuticals through an innovative technology platform.  Through a patented process, agriculture scientists have been able to generate high levels of a naturally produced antibody in chicken egg yolks. This antibody is the key active component in Purova.

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Product Development

A long history of research and development is at the very core of our science and supporting technologies. Lab controlled trials have consistently shown Purova is safe and effective in improving body composition and performance when used in conjunction with a healthy diet. These findings are backed by over 190 university and commercial vertebrate trials worldwide.

"Our products provide the biggest advantage when used alongside exercise and a healthy diet. We want nothing more than to help our clients reach their optimum health!"

- Scott Reppert, CEO, Purova Health & Science.

Purova Advisory Board

Scott Reppert

Scott J. Reppert

Chief Executive Officer
Scott Reppert, Chief Executive Officer of Purova, is a successful businessman and competitive master’s level body builder. A graduate from Lawrence University, Appleton, WI, a student athlete, three-time All American football player, and a former professional football player with the Chicago Bears and the London Ravens, Scott is passionate about the industries of improved health and well-being, and sincere in his efforts to help others maintain the highest quality of life possible. Scott has 30 years’ experience in executive positions for Aramark Uniform Services, AmeriPride Linen and Apparel Services and Superior Health Linens. A founding member of Purova, Scott is an entrepreneur and business owner driven to help others be their best.
Jordan Sand

Jordan M. Sand, Ph.D

Research Consultant
Jordan M. Sand, Ph.D holds a B.S. in Microbiology and Biotechnology from North Dakota State University and a Ph.D from the University of Wisconsin. Currently serving as Chief Technology Officer at Ab E Discovery, LLC in Madison, Wisconsin, Jordan has over 15 years of research experience in fields ranging from Nanoscale Science to Molecular and Environmental Toxicology to Animal Sciences. Jordan holds numerous honors and awards in his field, is credited with discoveries relating to Anti-interleukin-10 antibody and Spray-dried swine mucosa, has 19 publications and 10 issued patents/patent applications, and has lectured at numerous national meetings in support of his ongoing research, patents, and discoveries.
Steve Spencer

Stephen Spencer

Medical Consultant
Dr. Stephen Spencer is a Holistic Naturopathic Physician with a focus on the whole person - emotionally, structurally, and biochemically. His aim is to restore optimal balance and health through improving structure, diet, sleep, hormones, digestion, detoxification, emotional health, and exercise performance. A primary focus of his practice is a specialized structural correction that works consistently and predictably on his patients. His practice, ProTouch Rehabilitation, has been in business since 2005, was featured in the Chicago Tribune, and operates on the philosophy of healing naturally without the need for synthetic prescription drugs to restore balance to patients. His journey in health and fitness began by healing himself and he now lives his passion by passing on his knowledge to help others.
Chuck Sanow

Chuck Sanow

Chuck Sanow currently serves as Chairman of NPC Illinois, one of the most active organizations for bodybuilders in the state. Chuck has been involved in the world of bodybuilding for more than 20 years. He attributes his success to two major factors, determination and drive. Chuck prides himself on being a highly competitive person and expects nothing but excellence from himself and everyone he trains. In 2005, Chuck finally attained his goal to become an IFBB Pro. He looks forward to competing at the national level now with other IFBB professionals and raising the bar to reach new heights. He works as a Chicago Fireman and trains at his own gym in Bridgeview, Illinois.
Isabelle Turell

Isabelle Turrel

Purova Athlete
Isabelle Turell is an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder with over 14 years of proven experience in the health and fitness industry. She is very passionate and lives and breathes the fitness lifestyle. Isabelle is an active competitor and is followed by thousands through multiple social channels. She provides a wealth of knowledge in supplementation and physical well-being, and is a motivator in her industry. In additional to performing show appearances throughout the year, Isabelle also offers private and professional training services through one on one sessions as well as mentorship in the application of health and fitness through multiple genres.
Theresa Ptack

Theresa Ptack

Purova Athlete
Theresa Ptack is a fitness competitor who has been involved and fascinated with Health and fitness for many years. She has competed as a Figure competitor through the National Physique Committee and holds the title as the overall winner for 2018 Illinois State. Theresa has a deep passion for Health as she devotes her time to not only her own personal fitness training as she prepares for a National level competition, but also attends school as a full time student pursuing a nursing degree. With experience working in Physical Rehabilitation clinics as well as her own medical and fitness knowledge, Theresa is eager to find new approaches to improving the overall wellbeing of all persons.
Will Wise

Will Wise

Purova Athlete Supplement Expert
Will Wise has been associated with the health and fitness industry for 10 years, to include being a nutrition and competition prep coach, a sports nutrition store owner, and an NPC champion bodybuilder. Starting out in collegiate baseball, Will soon developed a passion for weight lifting, which soon evolved into a desire to help others obtain their health and fitness goals. With an analytical background including mathematics and engineering degrees, Will enjoys the challenges of understanding how to obtain the physical and performance goals of athletes through sound nutrition, sport specific training, and nutritional supplementation.


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The Purova Advisory Board includes a balance of traditional and holistic health and fitness experts working together with nutritional scientists and researchers from prominent academic institutions and universities.


At Purova, we adhere to the absolute highest quality and purity for the compounds we use in our supplement formulas, without the use of chemicals or antibiotics, leveraging the industry’s leading standards for safety testing.


With more than 20 years of technology development reaching back to its roots at the University of Wisconsin, Purova is committed to providing products developed in conjunction through innovative and patented platforms.

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