The discovery process for Purova Immune began at the University of Wisconsin, where advanced innovations in health & science soon led to the game-changing product we know today.

Host-Targeting for Better Health

The Science Behind Purova Immune - The World's First Protein Antibody Gut Health Supplement

Scott ReppertPurova Health & Science CEO Scott Reppert is proud to help bring the revolutionary work of Dr. Mark Cook and Dr. Jordan Sand, as well as many others in the University of Wisconsin Scientific Community, to market in the form of a new Protein Antibody Gut Health Supplement: PUROVA IMMUNE.  Delivered in the form of a clean hyper-immune egg powder, Purova Immune is unlike any other Gut or Immunity product on the market today.  With its unique and patented direct-impact approach, Purova Immune targets immunological response in a whole new way, facilitating a much broader range of whole-body benefits, and does so more effectively, more efficiently, and with more sustainability.  Real Science.  Real Results.  A better way to achieving true Whole-Body Health.

In the videos below, Scott and Jordan share insights into the science behind Purova Immune, and why this product is revolutionizing both the Gut and Immune Health industries.  Following that is a brief overview of the amazing people and work that led to bringing this revolutionary product to market.


Purova Immune Introduction

Scott Reppert introduces the world's first Protein Antibody Gut Health Supplement PUROVA IMMUNE. In this video, Scott shares the origin and science behind this patented product and discusses its ability to help maximize immunological response for better foundational health as well as increased muscle, reduced fat, and many other sustained whole-body benefits...

RxMuscle Dr. Jordan Sand

Science of Gut Health Interview

Jordan M. Sand, Ph.D, joins Dave Palumbo of RxMuscle - The Truth in Bodybuilding on an all-new episode of Supplement Science, to talk about the latest advancements in gut & immune health through host-targeting. In this interview, Dr. Sand discusses the protein antibody properties and benefits of Purova Immune and how it impacts whole-body health...


Purova Immune & Coronavirus

Scott Reppert answers the question "How Can Purova Immune Help Fight The Coronavirus?".  Due to its Protein Antibody core, Purova Immune can help benefit those facing recent health challenges such as the COVID-19 Coronavirus by maximizing your immunological capabilities more effectively, more efficiently, and with more sustainability than any other gut health supplement on the market today...

The Science Behind Purova Immune began at the University of Wisconsin, initially targeting antibiotic challenges in animal agriculture through a process called "Host-Targeting." Led by then UWM Professor of Animal Science Dr. Mark Cook and his team of scientists, including Dr. Jordan Sand, several groundbreaking discoveries were made. In 2015, this led to the formation of Ab E Discovery, a group dedicated today to commercializing entrepreneurial science in partnership with WARF, the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. Over the course of time, through numerous discoveries, studies, trials, and patents, the foundation for the product we know today as Purova Immune was born.

Educator, Scientist & Entrepreneur
Dr. Cook passed away in 2017 at age 61, but left a legacy that will continue to push the boundaries of discovery in the field of animal science. He was well-known in the poultry industry, says Daniel Schaefer, chair of Cook’s [University of Wisconsin] department and his friend for 17 years. “His discoveries and opinions were respected internationally. Even though he had no formal extension appointment, he was frequently called by poultry companies on nutrition or immunology questions.” Dr. Cook earned a Ph.D. at Louisiana State University in 1982 while studying the relationship between pathogens, nutrition and the poultry immune system. He came to UW-Madison in 1983, and began his microbiology research with chickens. His research has lead to developments in immunology, animal growth and feed efficiency. At the UW, his wide-ranging interests and unstoppable curiosity found full expression in the entrepreneurial activity he pursued with a passion to make a difference in the world.

Today, Ab E Discovery works closely with The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation and partners with entrepreneurial scientists to lead their technologies from discovery to impact. A full-service commercialization and manufacturing resource, Ab E Discovery focuses on bio-functional ingredient technologies and delivers the expertise, knowledge, and hands-on support needed to develop and manufacture industry-ready innovations. The Ab E Discovery team applies decades of industry and research experience and know-how to help ensure technologies’ scientific and commercial success.

UWM Video Dr. Cook

Dr. Cook was profiled in this 2015 video for his UW-Madison Entrepreneurial Achievement Award, with numerous endorsements from the University of Wisconsin Leadership Community.

Jordan M. Sand, Ph.D

Jordan SandPurova's Chief Research Consultant Jordan M. Sand, Ph.D holds a B.S. in Microbiology and Biotechnology from North Dakota State University and a Ph.D from the University of Wisconsin. An understudy of Dr. Mark Cook, Jordan is currently serving as Chief Technology Officer at Purova's Manufacturing Partner Ab E Discovery, LLC in Madison, Wisconsin. Jordan has over 15 years of research experience in fields ranging from Nanoscale Science to Molecular and Environmental Toxicology to Animal Sciences.

Jordan has numerous publications and citations supporting various studies and technologies behind Purova, and leads the way in production of the Purova product at the Ab E Egg Processing facility in Waterloo, Wisconsin.  This facility was initiated in late 2018 with the purpose of bringing to market an egg antibody focused on supporting gut health.  The $3.5 million project sits on 15 acres in the city's industrial park, and is designed to facilitate between 20 to 50 production scientists and engineers, with support for entrepreneurial scientists and their discoveries.

AbE Groundbreaking

Ab E Breaks Ground in Waterloo, WI

Click to read the Nov 5, 2018 article at warf.org...

“The future of Ab E is the future of Wisconsin,” state Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch told about 75 people at Thursday’s groundbreaking for the new headquarters and industrial plant of Ab E Manufacturing in Waterloo.  More...

In a December 2017 Big Ten Network Short Documentary, Dr. Jordan Sand stated the following in regard to his work in reducing the need for antibiotics in animals:  "In a lot of animal agriculture and human health, our strategy for treating infection is targeting the bacteria.  We go ahead and use drugs, and those drugs do a really good job of killing bacteria.  The problem is, the more times you use those drugs, the more resistance builds up, and it becomes a health crisis.  At UW, I started with Mark Cook.  We found a new way to allow the immune system, when it is under attack, to do its job and fight off infection in animals.  We've reduced antibiotic usage in dairy cattle, we've reduced the need for it at all in chickens.  You don't need any other treatments for these chronic diseases in these animals.  THIS MAY HAVE APPLICATIONS IN HUMAN HEALTH.  Instead of focusing on killing bacteria with antibiotics, we're focusing on allowing the immune system to deal with the threats that do make you sick."

Jordan's work in these and related fields, along with the combined work of many others focused on elevating these technologies for human benefit has finally been realized in the form of Purova Immune.  We are excited to offer this truly scientific approach to maximized immunological response in the form of a clean and scientifically-advanced hyper-immune egg powder.

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