Gut health means different things to different people - but the ultimate goal is improved quality of life, and Purova wants nothing more than to help you maximize it.


Joel D. - "I wish I would have found this product years ago..."

We want to thank Joel for this extended Testimonial. For anyone facing significant challenges or limitations as a result of issues with IBS, Diverticulitis, Heartburn or similar, we sincerely believe this product can help promote a solid foundation for improvement and recovery - and validations such as this and many others we have received are truly inspirational to our staff and partners.

Ryan M

Ryan M. - "This supplement has changed my life"

"...I've suffered from IBS for the past 10 years... I've tried numerous medications... [but] they don't give me the ultimate results... started seeing Steve Spencer and he recommended I start using Purova... this supplement has changed my life... my IBS... is gone... since I started this two weeks ago... I feel I'm starting to lean out more too... for those of you suffering from IBS, I highly recommend Purova..."


Kathleen K. - "I want to thank Purova for giving me my life back"

"...I run a private practice for children with disabilities mostly focusing on individuals with autism... I just got back from the doctor... I wanted to thank Purova for giving me my life back... I've been taking it since December... I've been healthier than I have for years... I've been battling with my health for years... due to a very long eating disorder... Purova has been the first thing that I've done for myself that turned the tables for me... in a very short time, I have more energy... I have doctors saying that I should be a poster child... because my immune system has been stronger than ever... 3 years ago I came down with influenza A, and it attacked my heart... to the point where they had to put a cardiomems in my heart to monitor it on a day-to-day basis... so I've been getting blood work every other week for a year... and today my doctor said to me that I don't have to come back for 6 months... it's been the best thing for me.... I've lost weight... it got my blood counts better... it's giving me more energy than I've ever had... now I give it to my husband... my children... I'm very happy with everything that it has done for me... it helped my gut stress and inflammation... and making my body work much better... thank you...."


Brandon H. - "I noticed a big big difference... it's a great product"

"...this is my testimonial... I was a little skeptical... I did a little research behind it... I have a Bachelor of Science from Michigan State University... so I did a little digging... there wasn't anything in here I thought was sketchy... so I gave it a try for 2 months... I've always been someone who's struggled a little bit with heartburn and indigestion... and this literally cured it... I didn't have any kind of IBS, indigestion, upset stomach, anything... I felt great... didn't really notice any weight loss but... from the heartburn and indigestion standpoint I noticed a big big difference... it's a great product... like it says, it's supposed to reduce a lot of inflammation in the gut... and that's exactly what it did... it's a great product..."

Cindy S.

Cindy S. - "I was much more energy"

"...I was surprised, I didn't think [Purova] would do much of anything... but I've been taking it... and I found that I'd lost about 4 pound in the first two weeks... had so much more energy... this really gave me a lot more energy and desire to do my tasks... it also helps improve your digestive system... I would highly recommend you at least try this product because it will give you more energy..."


Dan - "Drastic change... lost about 12 pounds"

"...about a month ago I started taking Purova and... I've had a drastic change in not only my weight... lost about 12 pounds... but my overall well being... [has improved]..."

Yennifer Z

Yennifer Z. - "I love it"

"...yesterday before [I used for the] first time the Purova product, I [felt] super bloated...but yesterday I tried [Purova]... it was amazing... I love it... and I want to try more more more because I want to be better with my digestion... this morning I [woke] up different than yesterday... I feel super super good... I love it..."

Gianna L

Gianna L. - "Took the place of my digestive enzymes"

"...originally I was really excited because it was supposed to help with muscle development... gain more muscle... lose fat... it's good for your immunity... it's good for your hair skin and nails... and give you energy... but it really took the place of my digestive enzymes... helping with my gut issues... really amazing things this will provide for you..."

Jack O

Jack O. - "I would recommend it to anybody"

"...years ago I had some problems... had Whipple surgery... and since then the medications I was on... [weren't] working as well as with this product... so I would recommend it to anybody that's having any type of issues with their digestive tract..."

Christy P

Christy P. - "I fell in love with it after the first week"

" about day three or four, I did notice that I had a lot more energy and I wasn't getting worn out by the end of the day... I could go and go and go and go.... this was a great supplement for me and I fell in love with it after the first week... I think one of the side effects of [Purova] is increased energy and curbed appetite... I've lost 5 pounds in the last 2 months... I absolutely love it..."

Audry P

Audry P. - "Lost 30 pounds... it changed the game for me"

" supplements you can take and no food you can ingest will help you on your journey unless your gut is working properly... and I happen to suffer from a genetic GI disease so this makes those things hard for me... I was turned on to Purova... this amazing product... is an immunity booster... most of your immune health lies in your gut... if your gut is not working properly... none of the foods you're going to eat... and none of the supplements you're going to take... are going to work 100%... you need a foundation... I have taken [Purova] for 3 months now and I have lost a total of 30 pounds... once I started taking this product, it changed the game for me..."

Moses G Testimonial

Moses G. - "Boy, I wish I found this sooner"

"boy I wish I found this sooner the.... it really helped me in terms of energy it really helped me in terms of mood my mood improved it really helped me in terms of like immunity like I didn't catch any cold anything with sort and it was just really beneficial for me and I recommend anyone who's looking for a supplement that can protect the immune system can help them improve their gut health because gut is really important gut health is extremely important it's something that we all should not neglect and I neglected it and I paid the price..."

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