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Product Overview

More Effective, More Efficient, More Sustainable

Today’s bacteria-based gut health products are limited in their ability to achieve and maintain true gut health – further diminished by bacteria evolution and limited immunological response.  Purova is different. Purova targets inflammation directly at the source, elevating gut health to new levels without any of the disadvantages associated with bacteria targeting. Whole-body benefits include enhanced body composition, better muscle support and retention, improved weight control, increased energy and vitality, better skin, hair and nails, and much more. There are three keys to maximizing gut health:

  • Healthy Diet
  • Proper Exercise
  • The Direct Impact Supplementation of Purova Immune

Purova is the ultimate solution for all walks of life, including:

Exercise Enthusiasts… Digestive issues are a common problem for many exercise enthusiasts who follow a high protein diet. While the common issues such as diarrhea and constipation are high in any population that consumes high amounts of protein, deeper digestive issues can have a profound negative impact on hormonal and digestive systems, not to mention piece of mind. When the body is stressed from any of these factors, not only does the digestive process slow down, it also compromises the liver, kidneys, and pancreatic health which prevents proper detoxification of nutrients and increases gut permeability, otherwise known as leaky gut. Purova can help reverse this trend, enhancing the nutritional impact of foods and supplements, providing a core shift in body composition, improving exercise effectiveness, and elevating both mental and physical performance.

Healthy Lifestyle Advocates… Changes in our gut health can speed up the rate at which we absorb fatty acids and carbohydrates, and can even increase how many calories we store as fat. With a troubled gut, you could eat the same amount of food as someone with better gut health, but your body will handle the calories differently. There is also a connection between poor gut health and an increased production of the fat-storing hormone insulin and the hunger hormone leptin. For those simply striving to lead a healthy lifestyle, Purova Immune’s unique targeted approach will elevate your Foundational Health – making everything you consume work more efficiently and effectively while improving immunological response, giving you the energy and vitality you need to cope with the physical and mental challenges of every day life.

Seniors… When reaching an advanced age in which gut health becomes more challenging, you need a supplement that can elevate your Foundational Health, providing an efficient and sustainable advantage through the course of everyday living. Purova’s Direct Impact approach regulates the gut in a more effective way, providing the foundation for improved muscle retention and enhanced overall physical and mental vitality throughout your advanced years.

At Risk… For those struggling with the challenges of physical and mental impairment, a healthy gut is the first step to maximizing your Foundational Health. Purova is unique in its ability to help the body gain maximum advantage of foods and supplements, improve immunological function, and maximize both physical and mental longevity. Purova is dedicated in its efforts to help improve the quality of life for those in need, and provides programs specifically targeted at at-risk patients to study the impact of maximized gut health alongside existing treatment programs.

Purova truly is ‘Gut Health Redefined’. Get the edge you need today – and tomorrow – with Purova Immune.

Note:  CONTAINS EGG, A KNOWN ALLERGEN.  For more information, including answers to common questions, please visit our FAQ Center.