Purova supplements elevate Gut + Immune Health while promoting a full spectrum of Whole-Body benefits by targeting an enzymatic protein directly at the source.

Achieve a Better Working Stomach

Gut health has a major impact on overall metabolism, health and body composition. Leaky gut syndrome, or varying degrees of it, isn’t restricted to people with Crohn’s Disease or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Zonulin is a protein that regulates the permeability of gaps and fissures in the wall of the digestive tract, governing the passage of nutrients and other molecules into the intestine. These tight junctions in the intestinal lining allow undue protein molecules, even microscopic bits of food, to get into the bloodstream, provoking an immunologic response - inflammation.  Purova's Direct Impact approach works directly at the source to help reduce this inflammation, maximizing immunological response while invoking a full spectrum of whole-body benefits never before seen in a gut health supplement.

Improving Immune Health

Purova supplements target enzymes and cytokines, which are produced by inflammatory cells. By targeting these at the source, immunological health is improved more efficiently, affording more energy and resources toward maintaining a healthier physical state with greater strength and vitality.

Enhancing Nutrient Intake

It’s no secret that nutrition and a balanced diet is essential to your health. But if your digestive system isn’t working properly, you aren’t getting the full benefits of what you eat. Purova improves gut health more effectively, providing a sustained foundation for enhanced nutritional absorption .

Frequently Asked Questions

Purova is a dietary supplement utilizing a revolutionary, patented Protein Antibody approach, providing sustained whole-body performance and benefits never before seen in a gut health supplement  This direct impact approach helps to reduce inflammation in the small intestine, promoting increased nutritional absorption and optimized immune response.

Purova works by helping to reduce inflammation in your small intestine by addressing an inflammatory protein that is secreted when your body is under stress. This stress may come from daily life and a stressful job, overexertion, regular workouts, or you may have an inflammatory condition in the intestines which contributes to this feeling. When inflammation is increased in the intestines your body has to use nutrients from the food you eat to:

- Feed the immune system that causes the inflammation
- Repair the damage that inflammation from the immune system caused

When you have intestinal inflammation you may call it gas or bloating or simply a loss of energy. Purova helps to stop the cycle of inflammation. Purova is an antibody to a protein that plays a role in inflammation, reducing that inflammatory proteins’ damage and thereby reducing inflammation. Once the cycle of inflammation is stopped, there are more nutrients in the body for improving your health, increasing muscle growth and simply feeling better.

Purova benefits include:

- Reduced bloating and gas
- Improved ability to build and retain lean muscle
- Better body composition / Reduced fat
- Enhanced hair, skin, nails
- Optimized immunological response


Probiotics are bacteria. These bacteria are used in an attempt to improve the “gut flora” or “gut function” by trying to reduce inflammation indirectly. The hope is that these bacteria will interact with your immune system and cause the release of anti-inflammatory proteins such as secretory IgA (sIgA) or interleukin-10. These proteins come from your body and may or may not be released - and the process itself can actually reduce immunological response. In addition, bacteria-based gut health products are susceptible to Bacteria Evolution, over time rendered ineffective or even harmful as your body quickly adjusts to their strains.  Purova is different....  unlike Probiotics, Purova acts directly at the source. Purova is an antibody to a common inflammatory protein that is expressed when inflammation is present in the gut.   By interacting with this protein, Purova helps to reduce inflammation in a much more effective and efficient manner.  Purova eliminates the need for bacteria interaction, and as a result is able to improve immunological response in the body.  Purova is also impervious to bacteria evolution, making it fully sustainable throughout your lifetime.


Prebiotics are soluble fibers that are fermentable (able to be chemically broken down) only by bacteria in the gut. This fiber fermentation helps to maintain healthy bacteria within the small intestine.  Purova is different... Purova acts on an inflammatory protein that is present within the small intestine. Purova helps to reduce inflammation by targeting the source, affording better nutrient absorption without the need to incorporate prebiotics into your existing diet.


I26 is a suite of antibodies made to 26 specific bacteria. This is normally how the immune system in your body works. Your body sees a bacterium and makes an antibody to it. In this case, I26 is binding up bacteria that may or may not be in your intestine. If none of the 26 different bacteria that I26 is made to are in your intestine then it will have no effect. If some of the 26 bacteria are in your gut then I26 may have some effect for a period of time. The issue with binding bacteria with an antibody is that it forces those bacteria to change in order to survive. Considering that bacteria can replicate every 15 minutes, it is possible that the bacteria will soon be able to avoid any antibody binding that I26 may introduce within in a short period of time.  Purova is different... Purova doesn't rely on a specific set of bacteria within your intestine. Instead, it works at the source, allowing it to help reduce inflammation caused not only by bacteria, but by any other stresses your body may face.  As a result, Purova is not susceptible to avoidance through replication, so you can rely on Purova to continue working for you for as long as you take it.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive Enzymes only work on the food you eat. These proteins can only have an effect on fats, lipids or proteins that are consumed in your diet. Digestive enzymes work in a "lock and key" way. Only VERY specific substrates (this being fats, proteins or sugars) can be affected by digestive enzymes. If the fat has the wrong orientation, the digestive enzyme lipase (even though it should break down fats) may not digest this specific fat. Meaning that you need a lot of enzymes in order to breakdown the food that you consume. If you do not digest your food properly there are more nutrients for bacteria in your gut to use to cause bloating and gas. It is essential to break-down all of the food you are eating efficiently so there is less for the bacteria to feed on.  Purova is different... instead of reducing the amount of nutrients for the bacteria to feed on & cause bloating and gas, Purova works on an inflammatory protein that comes from your body. By helping to reduce that protein's impact, it also helps to reduce gas and bloating. In this way, Purova can work very well alongside digestive enzymes.

Purova is most effective with people who have a compromised digestive system. Research shows that a high percentage of people today are suffering some form of digestive stress. However, if you are one of the lucky few who already enjoy a very high level of digestive health, this product will serve more in a maintenance role than displaying highly noticeable changes.

NO.  Since Purova is made with chicken eggs, it is not recommended that anyone with an egg allergy take it.

We always suggest consulting a physician before engaging in ANY new health supplement or protocol.  In the case of Purova, you will want to make sure you are not allergic to egg-based products, as Purova is a Hyperimmune egg-based powder.  In order to gain the full spectrum of whole-body benefits from Purova, we highly recommend maintaining a healthy diet.  Purova works best when used in conjunction with healthy foods and exercise.

Yes, but experiences will differ from person to person. 

If you notice an increase or difference in bowel movements, or a temporary increase in gas or discomfort, this is typically caused by your body's realignment as it begins the healing process.  Those with extremely poor gut health may notice such results over the first 1-2 weeks of product use.  These issues, however, will soon subside as inflammation is reduced and your gut health reaches a more healthy state.  Those with moderate gut health issues will typically experience a shorter and less noticeable adjustment period, and will see the benefits of Purova sooner.

As always, we recommend consulting a physician before, during and after engaging in ANY new health care product or protocol, especially if you feel your reaction may be abnormal.  

Yes, Purova can be taken with either or both probiotics and digestive enzymes.

NO, this is not recommended.  And as always, when pregnant or nursing please consult with your doctor before engaging in ANY new dietary supplementation.

While there are no known effects to taking Purova with medications, it is always recommended that you consult with your physician before taking it - or any new dietary supplement - with any medications.

For the most part, yes. While you do not want to cook or directly mix Purova with hot substances, Purova can be taken alongside warm meals. The temperatures which would cause problems for Purova are high enough to burn your mouth - so please don’t scald yourself while taking Purova!

Our recommendation is to maintain a level of antibody in your system by spacing your intake equally throughout the day. One way to achieve this is to take 2 in the morning within 1 hour of waking up, and 2 in the evening within 2 hours of going to bed.

Two in the morning and two at night. However, as each person is different, you might find advantage in taking more or less. A month of Purova at the recommended dosage contains the equivalent of 10 immunized eggs. As a result, more can be taken with little to no risk of overuse. As always, you should consult with your doctor before engaging into any new dietary supplementation.

This likely means that there is already very little inflammation in your intestines.  However, as you age or go through other stages in life, this condition may change.  Even if Purova may seem to have little to no effect on a specific result you are striving for, it can serve in a maintenance capacity to help retain elevated whole-body health over time, and due to the nature of how Purova works its ability to maximize immunological function will always be present.

Don't see your question here? Contact us and we will be glad to respond to any inquiries you may have.


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The Purova Advisory Board includes a balance of traditional and holistic health and fitness experts working together with nutritional scientists and researchers from prominent academic institutions and universities.


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